Looking for a taste of Dutch tradition or a full-on Dutch Food adventure? Look no further! Dive into this article to discover typical Dutch treats available at HEMA, a popular Dutch shop. From classics to modern favorites, HEMA has it all. Let's explore the delicious world of Dutch cuisine together !

Here's a list of 8 typical Dutch foods you must try :



1- Tompouce

Tompouce is a classic Dutch pastry made with two layers of flaky puff pastry sandwiching a creamy custard filling. It's topped with a pink icing glaze for a sweet finish. Popular for celebrations, it's a tasty treat enjoyed by many in the Netherlands. 



2- Stroopwafels

Stroopwafels are thin waffle cookies with a sweet caramel syrup filling. They come from the Netherlands and are loved for their chewy texture and yummy taste. People enjoy them alone or with a warm drink for a cozy treat. They're a tasty, popular snack that everyone can enjoy!



3- Mini Stroopwafels

Mini stroopwafels are bite-sized versions of the classic Dutch treat. These tiny waffle cookies are filled with delicious caramel syrup. Loved for their small size and big flavor, mini stroopwafels are perfect for snacking on the go or enjoying with a cup of coffee or tea. Plus, they're just so cute!

Mini stroopwafels


4- Salmiakmix

Salmiakmix is a favorite Dutch candy mix containing a variety of salty licorice and other flavors. Salmiak, which adds a unique salty taste, is often paired with sweet or sour flavors. Loved by licorice fans, salmiakmix offers a tasty blend of treats that's hard to resist if you like it.



5- Hollandse pot

A jar filled with an assortment of 6 nostalgic Dutch sweets awaits. Whether you prefer butter wafers or cinnamon cushions, this selection offers a taste of discovery or nostalgia. With a convenient screw lid, the jar can be easily refilled once empty, ensuring a timeless treat for all.

Hollandse pot


6- Gevulde koeken

Gevulde koeken are traditional Dutch cookies filled with almond paste. With a golden-brown exterior and a soft, chewy texture, they offer a delightful contrast to the sweet and nutty filling. Enjoyed with a cup of coffee or tea, gevulde koeken are a beloved treat in the Netherlands.

Gevulde koeken


7- Zacht en zoete drop

Zacht en zoete drop is a popular Dutch candy known for its soft and sweet licorice flavor. Unlike the salty variety, this drop is mild and pleasant, making it a favorite among licorice enthusiasts and those with a sweet tooth. It's a beloved treat enjoyed throughout the Netherlands.

Zacht en zoete drop


8- Zoute Drop

Zoute drop is a type of Dutch licorice known for its salty flavor. Loved by some and surprising to others, its distinctive taste sets it apart from traditional sweet licorice varieties. Popular in the Netherlands, drop zout offers a unique and savory twist on the classic candy experience.

Drop zout


To sum it up, Dutch food has a wide range of tasty treats for everyone. From the famous Tompouce to the yummy Stroopwafels, Mini Stroopwafels, and Gevulde koeken, there's something delicious to try. Whether you like sweet treats like Salmiakmix or hearty meals like Hollandse pot, Dutch cuisine has something for every taste. Let me know which one is your favorite !

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