My Top 3 Dutch Snacks

My Top 3 Dutch Snacks

Are you on the lookout for the best Dutch snacks to try? Here's my personal top 3 list of the finest snacks I've had since I started living in the Netherlands!


1- Kaassoufflé

Kaassoufflé is a Dutch snack that's like a crispy pocket filled with melty cheese, usually Edam or Gouda. It's made by deep-frying until it's golden brown. Basically, it's a tasty, cheesy, crunchy delight! My favourite one !



2- Bami

Bami is a Dutch-Indonesian dish featuring stir-fried noodles that are usually accompanied by a mix of vegetables, meat, and flavorful spices. It's known for its savory and slightly sweet taste, with a variety of possible ingredients such as chicken, pork, or prawns. Bami is a popular and satisfying meal in the Netherlands, reflecting the country's culinary diversity. An absolut must try !

bami snack


3- Goulash Kroket

A Goulash Kroket is a Dutch snack that puts a spin on the traditional kroket by featuring a filling inspired by Hungarian goulash. It typically contains a mixture of slow-cooked beef, rich gravy, and savory spices, encased in a crispy breadcrumb coating. This fusion of Dutch and Hungarian flavors creates a deliciously unique and satisfying snack. Very original and very tasty !

goulash kroket


Head to the first Dutch snack bar you see, enjoy, and try these three typical Dutch snacks !


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