Welcome aboard for an exciting journey through Amsterdam's iconic canals! Today, I'm thrilled to introduce you to a unique experience: the Semi-Open Boat Cruise with Lovers Canal Cruises !


For those interested in (re)discovering Amsterdam's canals, the Semi-open Boat Cruise is a great option. Specially designed boats ensure you can enjoy the city's beauty regardless of the weather. On sunny days, the boat-top opens, offering refreshing views of Amsterdam's architecture. If it rains, the boat can be closed with a glass-top or a regular cruise boat is used, allowing you to continue your journey uninterrupted. Lasting about an hour, the tour covers essential sights such as the UNESCO World Heritage-listed inner canals, the Western Church, the Anne Frank House, and the Hermitage.


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Discover Amsterdam's Canals with Expert Guides

They are Amsterdam's cruising experts, boasting over 60 years of navigating the city's beautiful canals. Their classic Semi-Open Boat Cruise is perfect in any weather, catering to those hungry to see the sights of the Dutch capital. The experience is further enriched by an audio guide available in 19 languages and knowledgeable captains.
Each cruise is unique as the captains adjust the route based on canal traffic and boat size, ensuring unobstructed views of the city's sights. This ensures guests can capture beautiful memories of their Amsterdam adventure. With over 100 km of canals and more than 1200 bridges, missing a tour through Amsterdam's famous waterways would be a missed opportunity for any visitor.

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Cruise Eco-Friendly

Feel reassured stepping aboard the semi-open boats as they are environmentally friendly, powered by solar energy, making them gentle on nature. These small, semi-open Amsterdam canal cruise barges offer modern comfort similar to those used on regular Amsterdam canal cruises, while providing the advantages of a smaller, more agile vessel. Embark on a journey through Amsterdam's narrowest and oldest waterways for an unforgettable and immersive experience.

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In summary, Lovers Canal Cruises' Semi-Open Boat Cruise offers an affordable and unforgettable way to explore Amsterdam's charm and heritage. Don't miss this budget-friendly opportunity to discover the magic of Amsterdam from a fresh perspective !

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