Get ready to embrace the Dutch Lifestyle ! Did you know that in the Netherlands, an umbrella isn't just an accessory—it's a survival tool against the unpredictable weather. From hearty Stamppot recipes to must-have rainy day essentials, let's dive into the Key Products for thriving in Dutch culture.

Here's a list of items you must have to survive the Dutch Lifestyle :

Dutch Lifestyle


1-   Paraplu / Umbrella

In the Netherlands, you need an umbrella because the weather can be unpredictable. Rain can start suddenly, so having an umbrella keeps you dry and comfy when you're out and about. It's a smart thing to have to stay ready for any unexpected showers.

Paraplu / Umbrella


2-   Dutch Vibes Collection Items

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The Dutch Vibes Handbag to carry all your Dutch lifestyle products, The Dutch Vibes Hoodie to protect you from the Dutch weather, The Dutch Vibes Mug to enjoy your warm drinks, Postal Cards from the Dutch Vibes Collection to write about your adventures to friends and family, The Dutch Vibes Pen to write all new Dutch words you are learning.

Dutch vibes collection


3-   Regenbroek / Rain pants

You need rain pants in the Netherlands because, well, let's face it, the weather's as unpredictable as a game of musical chairs. Regular pants won't cut it when the skies open up. Rain pants keep you dry and looking like a true fashion icon, even in the pouring rain. So, stay dry, stay fabulous!

Regenbroek / Rain pants


4-   Regenjas / Raincoat

And don't stop the fabulousness there! To complete your rainy day gear, you'll need a trendy raincoat. It's the finishing touch to your stylish rainy day outfit, keeping you dry and looking cool even when it's pouring outside. So, embrace the rain, but do it in style!

Regenjas / Raincoat


5-   Fiets lamp / Bike light

Bike lights are a must for safe cycling in the Netherlands. Without them, you're not only risking accidents but also hefty fines from the police. They make you visible to drivers, especially during darker hours, ensuring a safer ride. So, invest in them—it's a small price to pay for your safety and peace of mind.

Fiets lamp / Bike light


6-   Handpomp / Hand pump

A hand pump is a lifesaver for cyclists in the Netherlands. When you're out and about and encounter a flat tire, having a handy hand pump can save the day. It's a small investment that ensures you're never stranded and can keep pedaling with ease. Plus, it's compact and easy to carry, making it a must-have for any cyclist.

Handpomp / Hand pump


7-   Kettingslot / Chain lock

A strong chain lock is a lifesaver for bike security in the Netherlands. Trust me, I've been there. With bike theft being rampant, a good lock is essential to keeping your bike safe. It's your best bet to prevent theft and ensure your bike stays where you left it.

Kettingslot / Chain lock


8-   Fietsbel / Bike bell

Finding a fancy bike bell can add a touch of flair to your ride. It's not just about safety; it's about style too. So why settle for a basic bell when you can make a statement with something fancy? It's a fun way to personalize your bike and stand out on the road.

Fietsbel / Bike bell


9-   Tosti ijzer / Sandwich maker

Having a tosti ijzer (toast iron) is a quintessential part of the Dutch lifestyle. Tosti's are more than just a snack; they're a tradition. Whether it's for breakfast, lunch, or a midnight snack, whipping up a tosti is a beloved ritual for many Dutch people. It's comfort food at its finest.

Tosti ijzer / Sandwich maker


10-   Aardappelstamper / Potato masher

A potato masher is a must-have in your kitchen for making classic Dutch dishes like stamppot. This hearty comfort food is a staple in Dutch cuisine, and using a potato masher is essential for creating its signature texture. So, if you want to cook like a true Dutch chef, this tool is a necessity.

Aardappelstamper / Potato masher


11- Kaaschaaf / Cheese slicer

A cheese slicer is an essential tool for anyone who loves indulging in Dutch cheese, a cornerstone of Dutch cuisine. Whether you're nibbling on Gouda or savoring Edam, a cheese slicer ensures you can enjoy every slice of cheese with ease, adding a touch of Dutch flair to your dining experience.

Kaaschaaf / Cheese slicer


12- Schuurspons Tompouce / Scouring pad Tompouce

A sponge shaped like a tompouce adds some fun to your kitchen routine. It's original and cute, making washing dishes a bit more enjoyable. Every time you use it, it brings a smile to your face, reminding you to find joy in the little things, even during chores.

Schuurspons Tompouce / Scouring pad Tompouce


13- Gezichtsmasker stroopwafel / Stroopwafel face mask

A Stroopwafel face mask adds a fun touch to your skincare routine. Inspired by the famous Dutch treat, it nourishes your skin while giving you a sweet-smelling pampering session. It's a simple way to treat yourself and enjoy the indulgent aroma of Stroopwafels without the calories.

Gezichtsmasker stroopwafel / Stroopwafel face mask


14- Instax mini

An Instax Mini camera is great for snapping pictures and preserving your Dutch lifestyle moments. Whether you're strolling along canals or cozying up in a café, this instant camera lets you capture memories instantly. It's a fun way to document your adventures and create lasting keepsakes of your time in the Netherlands.

Instax mini

To wrap it up, living the Dutch lifestyle means being ready for anything, from unexpected rain to cozy meals. With key products like umbrellas and Stamppot gear, you're not just getting by; you're making the most of Dutch culture. So, whether you're a local or a visitor, be sure to have these essentials nearby to fully enjoy your time in the Netherlands!
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