Imagine enjoying a delicious meal while traveling through the stunning Dutch countryside—welcome to the Dinner Train in The Netherlands!

This unique train offers a one-of-a-kind dining experience for food lovers and traveler's alike. As you glide past beautiful fields and charming villages, you'll savor dishes that are as delightful as the views. Join me as we explore what makes the Dinner Train a must-try adventure!

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Imagine eating on a train while it travels through beautiful countryside in the Netherlands. This is what the Dinner Train offers—a fun mix of travel and eating good food. From your seat, you can see lovely views like fields, windmills, and small villages. It’s more than just having a meal; it’s enjoying beautiful sights at the same time. Every look out the window is like a picture come to life, making your dinner on the Dinner Train a truly special experience.

Plus, the Dinner Train is available in various cities such as Breda, Rotterdam, Tilburg, Utrecht, and Leiden, so you can start your culinary journey from multiple locations.


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Menu Dinner Train Classic : 

The Dinner Train Classics menu offers a straightforward yet delightful choice for everyone. Start with the Tom Kha Kai Soup, a tasty vegetarian soup full of flavor. For the main course, you can choose the meat option, Boeuf Bourguignon, served with creamy potato gratin and fresh celeriac salad; or the fish option, fried cod with a smooth potato-leek cream and fresh tomato antiboise. These classic dishes are perfect for a meal on the move. Dining on the Dinner Train is more than just eating; it’s a great experience as you enjoy delicious food and beautiful views.

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Menu 1st Class :

The Dinner Train's 1st Class Menu offers a series of delightful dishes that can be paired with delicious wines. It starts with warm bread served with different spreads. Next, enjoy a starter of home-marinated salmon paired with a light potato salad—fresh and inviting. The main dish is tender chicken roulade with creamy mushroom gratin and a tasty truffle gravy, full of rich flavour's. Each course is enhanced by a carefully selected wine, adding an extra touch of luxury. Finish with a Mango Meringue dessert, light and fruity. This menu mixes elegance with comfort, ensuring every dish is as enjoyable as the scenic train ride. 

Menu first class


Tapas Menu :

If you're a fan of Spanish cuisine and love tapas, the Tapas Menu on the Dinner Train is an experience not to be missed. This menu features a delightful assortment of Spanish-inspired tapas served in two rounds. The first round includes cold dishes such as bread with various spreads, marinated green olives, 6-month-aged Manchego cheese, and a selection of Iberian pork sausages, including Salchichon de Iberico Bellota and traditional lomo. You'll also enjoy grilled mushrooms and a potato tortilla with aioli. The second round heats things up with dishes like slightly spicy Chistorra sausages, cod fritters, Patatas Bravas with aioli and espelette pepper, and Albondigas in a rich tomato sauce. The culinary journey concludes with a Tarta de Queso Manchego topped with caramel sauce, rounding off a truly enjoyable dining experience perfect for tapas lovers.

Tapas Menu


In conclusion, the Dinner Train in the Netherlands offers a one-of-a-kind dining experience. With modernized carriages, cozy interiors, and scenic views from every table, it's a feast for the senses. Enjoy local dishes paired with Dutch beverages while taking in the picturesque landscapes. Whether you're a foodie or a traveler seeking unique experiences, the Dinner Train delivers.

So, for an unforgettable culinary journey through the heart of the Netherlands, hop aboard and savor the flavors of this remarkable dining adventure !

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