3 Dutch Food to Try in Rotterdam

3 Dutch Food to Try in Rotterdam

In Rotterdam, Netherlands, we are about to explore some local delights: Kapsalon, Maasstroompjes, and a local beer. These culinary finds reflect Rotterdam's heritage and modern tastes. Join us for a laid-back journey through the city's flavorful offerings.


1- Kapsalon :

Our journey in Rotterdam begins with the well-known dish called "Kapsalon." This dish is a unique combination of tastes. It typically consists of thinly sliced and seasoned doner kebab meat placed on a bed of crispy fries. It's often topped with melted cheese and fresh salad greens. A drizzle of garlic and hot sauce is added to complete the dish. Kapsalon is popular with locals and is worth trying if you're in Rotterdam. You can find the typical and classic one at El Aviva 

kapsalon rotterdam


2- Maasstroompjes :

Rotterdam is known for the Maasstroompjes, a sweet treat. These bite-sized pastries are named after the Maas River, which flows through the city. Maasstroompjes are small, filled with a kind of almond paste. They make for a tasty snack and a nod to Rotterdam's maritime history. You can get them on Maasstroompjes and check locations. 

Maasstrompjes rotterdam


3- Local beer :

Rotterdam has its own craft beer scene, with breweries like Kaapse leading the way. They offer a variety of beers, from hoppy IPAs to rich stouts. If you're into trying local brews, Rotterdam's beer options, including Kaapse, are worth a try. Find infos of the brewery here of Kaapse Brouwers

local beer rotterdam


In Rotterdam, the food and drink scene, featuring Kapsalon, Maasstroompjes, and local beers, makes It a place where past and present flavors come together, providing a easy going experience for those who enjoy a diverse culinary journey.


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