3 Dutch Food to Try in Breda

3 Dutch Food to Try in Breda

In Breda, The Netherlands, we're about to embark on a flavorful journey. Our focus? Trying 3 Typical Dutch Food especially from Breda : Nassaubol, Ginnekoek, and a local beer. These three culinary gems represent Breda's heritage and contemporary tastes. Join us as we explore this charming city's food offerings.


1 -Nassaubol

"Nassaubol" is a special pastry from Breda. It's a round, sweet treat made with raisin roll dough, filled with Swiss cream, and finished with a caramel topping. This local dessert is known for its delicious combination of flavors and is a popular choice for those looking to enjoy a unique Breda culinary experience. You can find it for example at De Jong Deli

nassaubol Breda 


2- Ginnekoek

"Ginnekoek" is a small pastry from Ginneken, a district in Breda. These pastries are typically small and feature a creamy filling, topped with icing. This delightful treat is a local specialty from Ginneken and is known for its sweet and creamy flavor, making it a favorite among those who enjoy the tastes of the area. You can find it at Bakker Jopen.

ginnekoek Breda 


3- Local Beer

"Brouwerij de Beyerd," a popular local bar, is known for its diverse range of beer options, making Breda an exciting destination for those who appreciate the world of beer. Find more beers at Brouwerij de Beyerd

local beer Breda


To sum it up, Breda's food and drink scene, featuring Nassaubol, Ginnekoek, and local beers, combines tradition and modern flavors. This city is a perfect place for food and drink lovers.


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