Are you looking for nice places to visit for free for your next city trip in Tilburg ?


Explore Tilburg's beauty from Tilburg Central Station to Hasseltse Kapel. Walk through Spoorpark, Piushaven, Oude Markt, Heuvelse Kerk, and more. Discover hidden gems!

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1- Check out Tilburg Central Station's cool design and architecture

Check out the modern design and busy atmosphere of Tilburg Central Station. You can see trains coming and going, and the building itself is quite impressive, both inside and out.

Tilburg Central Station's


2- Explore the Spoorpark

Explore Spoorpark, Tilburg's largest park. It has lots of things to do, like walking trails and playgrounds, and it's a nice place to relax outdoors



3- Take pictures at Oude Markt Tilburg

Take a walk through Oude Markt, Tilburg's old market square. It's a lively area with cafes, shops and you can soak up the local atmosphere.

Oude Markt


4- Stroll through Piushaven

Wander along Piushaven, a scenic waterfront area with boats and cafes. It's a great spot for a leisurely stroll and to enjoy the view.



5- Visit the Hasseltse Kapel 

Visit Hasseltse Kapel, a small chapel known for its peaceful ambiance and beautiful stained glass windows. It's a tranquil place to spend some time.

Hasseltse Kapel


6- Visit the Heuvelse Kerk

Admire the architecture of Heuvelse Kerk, a historic church in Tilburg's city center. It's an impressive building with interesting details to see.

Heuvelse Kerk


7- Walk around in the LocHal Public Library

Take a look around LocHal Public Library, a modern building with lots of books and events. You can spend some time reading or just enjoy the atmosphere.



8- Take a look at the Cultuurfabriek Hall of Fame and surroundings. 

Explore the area around Cultuurfabriek Hall of Fame, which has art exhibitions and workshops. It's a creative space with lots of interesting things to see.

Cultuurfabriek Hall of Fame


9- Walk around the City Center and explore the architecture

Walk around Tilburg's city center and see the different types of architecture. There are old buildings mixed with new ones, and it's fun to explore.

city center tilburg


10- Visit the campus of Tilburg University

Visit Tilburg University's campus and see where students study. It's a nice area with green spaces and modern buildings.

tilburg university


Tilburg has lots of nice places to explore, like its modern Campus and calm Spoorpark Park. Checking out these highlights can make your time memorable, whether you live here or are just visiting.

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