Are you looking for nice places to visit for free for your next city trip in Breda ?

Discover the best of Breda with our curated guide! From the modern charm of Breda Central Station to the peaceful Valkenberg Park, find hidden treasures in the heart of the city. Whether you're a local or a traveler, let us show you the highlights of Breda's must-see spots!


1-  Check out Breda Central Station's cool design, architecture and surrounding 

As you stroll towards Breda Central Station, admire its modern design and bustling atmosphere with trains and nearby shops. Along the pathway to the park, watch for red ants scurrying about on the ground, adding a natural touch to your journey through the cityscape.

Breda Central Station, a modern architectural marvel with sleek lines and glass facade, bustling with commuters and travelers


2-  Visit the Begijnhof

Visit the Begijnhof, a quiet courtyard with pretty houses and gardens. It's a peaceful place where you can take a walk and enjoy the historic atmosphere.

Begijnhof Breda, a serene courtyard surrounded by historic buildings, adorned with vibrant flowers and lush greenery.


3-  Admire Grote Kerk

Look at the Grote Kerk (Great Church) from the outside. It's a big church with tall towers and beautiful architecture, and you can see it from different parts of the city.

Grote Kerk Breda, a majestic Gothic church with towering spires and intricate architectural details, standing proudly in the heart of the city.


4-  Explore Grote Markt

Walk around Grote Markt, the main square in Breda. There are lots of old buildings and cafes, and it's a nice place to see the city's lively atmosphere

Grote Markt Breda, a bustling square surrounded by historic buildings, outdoor cafes, and lively market stalls, offering a vibrant atmosphere in the heart of the city


5-  Look at the beautiful Sint-Antonius Kathedraal

See the Sint-Antonius Kathedraal, a big cathedral in Breda. Even from outside, you can see how beautiful and impressive it is

Sint-Antonius Kathedraal Breda, an imposing cathedral with ornate architecture and towering spires, exuding grandeur and spirituality in the cityscape


6- Enjoy Street Art 

Look for street art around the city. You can see colorful paintings and drawings on walls, adding some creativity to the streets.


7- Visit Kasteelplein

Visit Kasteelplein, a square near the Castle of Breda. It's a nice area with old buildings and cobblestone streets, perfect for a leisurely walk

Kasteelplein Breda, a charming square featuring the historic Kasteel van Breda in the background, surrounded by quaint cobblestone streets and lively cafes, evoking a sense of old-world charm and hospitality


8- Walk around the Haven

Take a walk around the Haven (harbor) area. You can see boats and maybe sit by the water for a while, enjoying the peaceful atmosphere.

The Haven Breda, a picturesque harbor area with colorful boats moored along the quayside, framed by historic buildings and bustling waterfront cafes, offering a serene and lively atmosphere.



9- Take Photos at Havermarkt

Take some photos at Havermarkt, a pretty square with cafes and terraces. It's a nice spot to relax and watch people go by.

Havermarkt Breda, a lively square filled with outdoor cafes, bustling with people enjoying food and drinks, surrounded by historic buildings and vibrant atmosphere


10- Relax in Valkenberg Park

Relax in Valkenberg Park, a green space in the city center. You can walk around, sit on the grass, or enjoy the flowers and trees.

Valkenberg Park Breda, a tranquil green space with winding paths, lush trees, and blooming flowers, providing a serene escape in the heart of the city


Breda has many enjoyable places to discover, such as its modern central station and serene Valkenberg Park. Exploring these curated highlights can make for a memorable experience whether you're a resident or a visitor. 


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