Kaasbar, in Amsterdam 🧀

Located in Amsterdam, at Ferdinand Bolstraat 10, this cheese bar is a unique experience to absolutely try if you are a cheese lover ! You can have a drink with friends, try unique cheese and wine combinations, celebrate your birthday, have drink with colleagues or a romantic dinner. In this article I want to introduce and show you one of my favourite hotspots in the Netherlands.

The restaurant Kaasbar offers 24 different Dutch cheeses from small-scale farmers, who make handmade cheeses with passion. They serve these delicious cheeses  with unique and balanced pairings. All the cheese are exclusively selected from Dutch farms. The cheeses pass by on the conveyor belt. You see a nice cheese in front of you? Pick it up before you are too late! Once chosen you can ask for a little book where you can read the lore of the chosen cheese. The cheeses are sorted from mild to strong : white flora to blue flora. The ambiance of the place is wonderful, I totally fell in love of this concept and seeing the different cheese passing in front of me.

There are so many cheeses that you can pick and try ! I will share a few that I tasted for you. In the ”wit flora ” category I picked n°4 : Hansje. It’s a cow cheese served with grilled almond and kweepeer jelly. In the category ”harde kazen”, I picked n°16 the Brokkel Oplegkaas, served with a rinse appelstroop . In the blauwe kaas category, I choose to try the Colosso n°22 : a waterbuffelo cheese with dark chocolate ! If you want to get something next to some cheese, pick n°27 : Amsterdam dry sausage ! As dessert I tried a blue cheese ice cream for the first time! Would you dare to try it ?

My little crush of the evening was this Komijn Overjarig with a little bit of kerrie mayo sauce! We don’t have this in France! Paired with an Orange wine from Italy called Albana Secco. I honestly thing that this is one of the best cheese I tried in my life ! Everything felt like a refreshing moment, it was absolutely wonderful !

Looking forward to share, taste and explore more in The Netherlands for you !

Ambrosia ✨ 

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