De Houthallen, in Oosterhout 🍻

Located in Oosterhout, a little city at 10 minutes from Breda, De Houthallen is a new industrial place where you can get some delicious food and drinks. Perfect for a ”borrel” moment, a lunch, or a dinner. In this article I want to introduce and show you one of my favourite hotspots in the Netherlands.

De Houthallen is an industrial catering hang out with a small beach in Oosterhout. This ‘hang loose’ place has a self-service concept. You can tap your own beer from large beer tanks, get coffee from an old Volkswagen bus and last but not least you can tap your wine from a wine barrel! Want to play games? No worries there is a variety of games inside but also a Cornhole-game outside in the courtyard. It’s Located on the former Galvanitas factory site. Open on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. I really love this industrial and modern atmosphere !

The place proposes a unique atmosphere experience and also some yummy food ! If you come for a ”borrel” with family or colleagues I suggest you to try the Borrel plank ! It’s with bread, olive, old cheese, sausages, jambon cru, and bitterballen. Otherwise you can find other classic finger food ! They have some original dishes like a waffle pulled pork with Kool, Sriracha mayo, surprising and delicious! For example the Gua bao chicken, which is with tempura chicken, teriyaki, mango is very tasty. Something original that I never found anywhere else is the Rendang loaded twisters, twister fries with a special meat sauce. You can try a cheese or meat fondue if you ant to have another shared meal. As dessert, I choose a caramel coupe with a warm chocolate brownie!

A must try if you go to De Houthallen is to get your beer from the beer wall where you can tap your beer ! They propose all kind of beer and also special beers ! For example here I try the triple beer from the brewery ”Bourgogne Kruis” a brewery from Oosterhout ! This beer was one of my favourites of the Houthallen.

Looking forward to share, taste and explore more in The Netherlands for you !

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