Mannam, Korean Restaurant in Rotterdam 🇰🇷

Located in Rotterdam , Mannam is a Korean restaurant which will make you feel like traveling : a little piece of Korea in Rotterdam. In this article I want to introduce and show you one of my favourite hotspots in the Netherlands.

Mannam is an amazing restaurant in Rotterdam on the Goudsesingel. They started their business in 2019 with one goal in mind: providing an enjoyable Korean dining experience in the Rotterdam area. Thanks to their experience and dedication, they managed to recreate a small piece of Korea in Rotterdam. Providing dishes that are authentic, fresh and unforgettable. I must say that this is one of the best culinary experience I had in my life. The wonderful ambiance of the restaurant and so many new kinds of food, I thought I would never had the opportunity to try !

The restaurant is very keen to propose food of the highest possible quality. I will share a few dishes I had the chance to try from the menu. You can try for example the the Korean Fried Chicken, many restaurants have their own take on this recipe, but they are confident that theirs is the best of all the Netherlands. You can also order the deep fried dumpling which is a nice starter filled with vegetables. The Kimchi pancake is also special, it’s a typical Korean pancake made with kimchi ! Another example is the Dak Galbi which is spicy chicken served with vegetables that you can share with 2 . As a dessert, I tried a Bingsu for the first time , it’s a Korean shaved snowflake ice cream with different flavours like mango or red bean.

A must try if you go to Mannam is to get a bottle of Soju. This is a a Korean distilled alcoholic beverage to drink extremely cold. This one has apple taste. I truly recommend this delightful restaurant and if you go there, say hi to the team for me !

Looking forward to share, taste and explore more in The Netherlands for you !

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