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If you live in Breda, it’s almost impossible to don’t know about the famous snackbar Kees Kroket. Located for more than 20 years in Breda they are now located at the Houtmarkt for the last 3 years ! In this article I want to introduce and show you one of my favourite hotspots in the Netherlands.

Kees Kroket Breda is one of the most typical place of Breda. Kees Kroket is a daily place visit where you can come to get little snack for your lunch or dinner. As a French girl living in the Netherlands, this cafeteria really makes me feel like living in the Dutch lifestyle. Especially when I get my snack from the wall, for me it’s really a unique experience to get a warm snack from a little door I can open ! Next to this I want to say that going there almost every week, I really appreciate to talk with the team in English or in Dutch !

The snackbar Kees Kroket proposes a lot of different snacks that you can get from the wall or directly at the register. At the start, as an expat, it was very difficult for me to remember all the names of the different snacks but with time I learned and remembered them ! You can find all the classic snacks like frikandel, kroket, mexicano, bami, goulash kroket, vegan kroket, a frikandel special… and my number one favourite food the kaassoufle ! Next to your snack you can of course order some fries in a ”bakje”or a ”puntzak” as they always ask ! You can also get a little ice cream or milkshake to go if you want to have a little sweet tooth. The food is really good quality for the price ! I’ll just leave a tip here, go to get a hamburger/cheeseburger at Kees Kroket. They are well made for an excellent price!

Kees Kroket Breda is really one of my place to be in Breda. I personally love to get my snack from the wall and ask for some fries next to my kaassoufle. It’s also so cheap that I really can go there very often ! I truly recommend and if you go there, say hi to the team for me !

Looking forward to share, taste and explore more in The Netherlands for you !

Ambrosia βœ¨ 

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