Hard Rock Experience 🤘

You probably have heard about the Hard Rock Café, the famous Hard Rock Café. Did you knew there is one located in Amsterdam? In this article I want to introduce and show you one of my favourite hotspots in the Netherlands.

The Hard Rock Café is focused on music and of course more leaning towards the rock scene. To enter such a place with this kind of ambiance and vibe really makes me want to travel to America or England! You are welcomed by a lovely team who are there to give you a wonderful experience! What I like about this team is that they all have their own stories how they ended up at Hard Rock. English, Dutch or another language, everything is fine!

The food fits the Rock ambiance. For example as a starter you can choose between a classic nacho’s or the Onion ring Tower! They have multiple delicious burgers like their original Legendary Burger filled with bacon, crispy unions and tomatoes. A surf & turf burger with spicy shrimp for our seafood lovers and we should not forget about their vegetarian option, the Moving Mountains Burger 100% plant based! You can finish with a dessert like a delicious brownie or a classic New York cheesecake. Little tip : dont forgot to have a look at the cocktails they proposes. My favourite one is the Hurricane cocktail!

The Hard Rock Café will guarantee that you will leave filled with food and happy feelings.
Also important to keep in mind is that they change the card regularly… a good reason to go there often ! They will rock you !

Looking forward to share, taste and explore more in The Netherlands for you !

Ambrosia ✨

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